My name is Anastasia, I'm a traveller and photographer, I love wild nature and taking trips to the most unusual corners of the planet.
I'm fortunate to have been born in a country with an incredible wealth of sceneries, climates and cultures; a country I have travelled from north to south and east to west, often solo, and that i haven't stopped exploring: Russia.

Like a lot of people, I started my professional life in an office in Moscow; one day, I left it and decided that travelling would be my new lifestyle.

Mountain hikes and climbs, trips to indigenous people's lands, wildlife observation, tours in Siberia and Kamchatka in total autonomy, and of course photo trips.... there is something for everyone.
Russian is my mother tongue, and I'm also perfectly fluent in French, and speak English and Spanish.
I would be delighted to share my experiences with you and to make youdiscover my country's beauty.
Please enjoy the photos of my trips, and then come see this with your own


I am specialized in adventure trips of all kinds, everywhere in Russia:
For those who love adventure and want to do something out of the

trips and treks with several days of autonomy, nights under the tent
in the middle of nowhere.
For those who love wild nature but choose to keep it comfortable:
light backpack treks, trips in 4x4.
For those who want to dicover people and their culture:
ethnographic trips to natives' lands.
For photographers:
if the main objective of your trip is photography, this is
for you. These trips are organized not only to go to beautiful places, but to be
there at just the right time, to get the best lights, and stay long enough so you
can take the best pictures.
For those who have their own ideas:
custom-built trips in the region of
your choice. Whether it is a mountain climb, a trek, winter fishing in the north
of Russia, a trip to the land of reindeer shepherds, crossing the ocean on a yacht, contact me and we'll build your trip together.


Each trip is first and foremost a lot of planning, execution comes next. even though I can explore Remote corners of Siberia solo, my approach is different when I plan trips for my clients.
I design trips and I'm there with you, but really it's a team effort. I have local partners in different regions of Russia, mountain guides and helpers, people who assist me with on-site logistics and equipment.... I'm not alone :)


You can sign up for one of the trips presented on the TRAVEL WITH ME page, or contact me if you have other ideas or if nothing fits your wishes. You like the trip but the dates don't match ? Contact me, we'll find a solution !

See you soon in Russia !
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